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Dude. I wrote my 500 words for the day.

585 words of pre-Javid fic in a little over an hour. When's the last time I accomplished even close to that? Woot.

David buried his face in his textbook and turned sideways in his egg chair, trying with every ounce of his will to avoid looking in the direction of his roommate's desk. Introduction to Sociology was a maddeningly simple textbook that seemed, in David's view, to be designed for borderline-Neanderthal high school freshman, and under normal circumstances he'd have finished the first two chapters, the only assigned reading for that week, in half an hour. But these were not ordinary circumstances. Because ordinary circumstances usually did not involve extremely attractive Welsh boys using his roommate's computer.

David had no idea where Michael (or Mush, as he'd asked to be called) had managed to find these people. This was only the second week of their freshman year in college, and opportunities for extensive social-expansion had not exactly presented themselves in abundance. David himself had barely made a handful of acquaintances, and he couldn't be sure even those few people would eventually become real friends. But Mush already seemed to be on a first-name basis with at least half the campus, as evidenced by the steady stream of people that had filtered in and out of their dorm room since the first day of orientation.

Last week it had been the Brazilians. Besides being the most inhumanly friendly person David had ever met, Mush was also one of the most helpful, a fact that tended to lead to unexpected surprises for his roommate. Returning to the dorm after classes, David had found the room filled to capacity with luggage of all shapes and sizes. His puzzlement had lasted only a moment before Mush, trademark grin in place, had bounded into the room with an explanation.

"Oh, Dave, hi, sorry I didn't tell you. That stuff belongs to the Brazilians. They'll be back in a bit to pick it up; I just helped them find the housing office."

David had blinked, then raised an eyebrow. "The Brazilians?" he'd asked.

Mush had laughed. "Yeah, Bruno and Eduardo. They're new graduate students, and they needed someplace to put their stuff until they find out where they're staying. I hope you don't mind."

David had merely shaken his head in disbelief at that point, too amused by the randomness of the situation to mind it. Sure enough, the Brazilians in question had appeared an hour later, gathered their things with barely a word (they didn't, David assumed, speak very much English), and left with Mush to go find their own residence.

So it really shouldn't have surprised David when his roommate came into the room earlier that afternoon with the announcement that Jack, the new sophomore transfer from Wales, would be coming to use his computer later in the day.

"He doesn't have a password yet to log onto the campus network, and he really needs to check his mail and stuff, so I told him he could use mine," Mush had explained. "He'll only be here for an hour or two, but I just realized I might have to go to rehearsal while he's here, so would it be possible for you stick around for awhile? Just in case he needs help or something? I know it's short notice..."

Mush had looked genuinely apologetic for asking the favor, and David, whose only plans for the evening involved his sociology reading, had agreed. And now it was five o'clock and the Welsh boy in question was sitting across the room and David was beginning to give up all hope of ever finishing his reading.

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