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Puppy fic, for Caroline

*hugs to Caroline.

You asked for SpRace with puppy, I give you SpRace with puppy.

Sometimes Sean wondered when he had actually entered into a real relationship with Tony Higgins. He was pretty sure that it wasn’t when they had started sleeping together. Not that sleeping had ever really been involved in anything they’d done on those first nights. They had fucked, there was no other word for it. It had started off brutal, just a way of relieving tension and getting off with no emotion involved. Sean wasn’t sure when it had actually become love making, and tenderness had entered into their nightly sessions. But even still, that wasn’t when they had entered into a relationship.

He briefly thought that it could have been when he and Tony had moved in together, but really he knew that this wasn’t the case. That had been the begging of a growing affection, but not of a real relationship. The rationale that they had given each other for their move together had been that it saved them time driving to each others places to screw. Besides, Tony had been sleeping at Sean’s nearly every night anyway. Most of his clothes were already in Sean’s apartment, so it hadn’t taken that long for him to move in. That was closer to being a relationship, but still not quite.

He knew it hadn’t been when they actually started going out together. Seeing a movie together was just something that they did on occasion. It wasn’t like either of them paid for each other – although Sean was convinced that if anything, he would be paying for Tony. So that couldn’t count as a relationship.

Something soft and cuddly jumped onto the bed, and Spot glanced down. The puppy, a terrier that Tony had named after Sean’s old high school nickname, climbed into Sean’s lap and licked his face.

“Down, Spot,” Sean said sharply, but the puppy just glanced up at him, and Sean couldn’t say no to it when it was making those eyes at him.

It had definitely been the puppy. The day that Tony had brought it home was definitely the day that Sean Conlon realized how much he loved Tony Higgins, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him.
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