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So I'm not quite sure how active this community still is, but I was really excited when I found it, and just had to join. I've read all the back entries and thoroughly enjoyed the stories. The following is one I've been working on now for a little while now.

Title: Not quite sure yet.
Rating: Fluff right now (so PG), but eventually it will go up.
Pairs: Javid! And some Sprace, and a few other random pairs (both het and slash).
Notes: Um, not much to say here. I'm a huge fan of the movie, and think that Javid is such a great couple. Enjoy! Oh, and it's some over 500, but I hope that's okay.

Jack got up and walked absentmindedly around the roof, stopping every so often to peer over the edge or gather his thoughts. For the second time in his life, Jack was really scared. Every time he thought about talking to David or what he might say…. Oddly enough the last time he’d felt this also involved David. Jack remembered the incident in Pulitzer’s office when he’d threatened to send David to jail. Rage still boiled up every time he thought about it. Nobody was going to hurt his David. Jack nearly laughed at that thought, his David. As if things were already said and done.

“Maybe I should have gone to Santa Fe.” Jack thought about the last few months and everything that had happened. Business was back up and with the old man running the printers, things were going quite smoothly. Well, everything except his love life that is. For a while Jack thought he really was in love with Sarah, and after that he just tried to tell himself he was. But even Sarah knew that wasn’t true. She had taken it pretty well in truth, although she liked to say she knew from the start.

“I knew you didn’t come around for me,” she said much to Jack’s good natured protests. “We just weren’t mean to be together, but as for you and David…” And in fact Jack had known that himself somewhere deep down. Looking back on it he’d confused his attraction to David with his more readily available (and acceptable) sister Sarah. He’d wanted so badly to get close that anything would do. It’s not that Jack didn’t like women; he was the first to recall how Medda “ushered” in his manhood a few years ago as she had for many of the newsies. But then again he’d also been involved with Spot for a little while, a very little while actually. Yet the moment Davey walked through the World’s gates, those past affairs meant nothing.

Jack was suddenly awakened from his reminiscing by Sarah, who’d appeared on the roof with breakfast for the two.

“Here you go ‘cowboy,’” she said playfully. Sarah liked calling him cowboy as a joke, imitating Les’ unwavering adoration.


“So, what’ve you been up to lately,” asked Sarah pouring two glasses of ice cold milk.

“Not too much, mostly carrying the banner and other things.”

“Would any of those ‘other things’ including courting my brother perhaps?” Sarah smiled at Jack teasingly, but stopped when Jack actually looked nervous.

“Why, what have you heard? Has David said anything…? You don’t think he knows does he, I mean…”

“My God of course he doesn’t know! But he’s the only one in all of New York.” Sarah nearly laughed at Jack’s surprised faced. She’d planned on discussing this subject today, but what she hadn’t planned on was this reaction.

“Is it really that obvious,” Jack asked staring into his bread and cheese.

“Are you kidding me? Practically everybody from here to Brooklyn knows about it. Even Les knows, but I think he’s half in love with you himself. I think Mama suspects it too, the way she talks about you at dinner, asking me questions and such. Don’t worry,” added Sarah quickly noticing Jack’s face, “she approves.”

“That doesn’t do me much good if there’s nothing to approve of,” mumbled Jack into his bread.

“And what makes you think that? Just because David is virtually blind doesn’t mean he feels any different.” This time Jack’s mouth dropped open and he nearly lost the mouthful of bread he’d been mumbling into. He was stunned, but suddenly excited.

“You mean that Davey—I mean David….that he…” Jack trailed off in fear of his statement being refuted.

“Goodness, is this really the great Jack Kelley? The man who managed a strike that encompassed all of New York’s youth labor, battled some of the most powerful men of our time, and won? And after doing all of this a little thing like love makes you nervous! You can fight off scabs but you can’t tell little Davey that you’ve got a crush on him—”

“Hey,” said Jack, indignant at having his fears trivialized. “It’s not as easy as you might think.”

“That’s because you’re over thinking it,” replied Sarah. “David’s the thinker remember? And you’re Jack Kelley; you act with your passions and your heart.” Jack thought about what Sarah was saying as he finished off the last sip of milk. Should he really tell David? What if he said no? “He won’t,” said Sarah, seeming to have read his mind. Jack smiled at her with that trademark smile that could cause a girl to melt. “Especially not if you smile like that! I’ve seen what it does to Davey…” Sarah gathered the now empty dishes in her hands and stood up to leave.

“Oh here, let me help you with that,” said Jack.

“No, no, you have other things to do. Plus with how excited you are you might just break every dish. No, you go and find Davey. Maybe invite him to Medda’s party tonight.” Jack smiled at Sarah, suddenly seeing how selfless she was being.

“You know I still wish I was the man for you sometimes,” he said. She smiled vaguely, but without a hint of sadness.

“Nah, I’m a little too much woman for you. But Mush on the other hand….” And she walked away leaving Jack laughing in spite himself. Her and Mush? Well, stranger things had happened. But that thought disappeared the moment David came to mind. Tonight, he thought, tonight I’ll tell David everything.

“Tonight!” Jack Kelley shouted happily to the surrounding roofs, not caring who was present to hear. With one last look out at the skyline, he followed Sarah’s path to the stairs.

Let me know what you think so far. I'll try and post a little bit each day if you like it.
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