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First post

This is my first post here, and my first 500 (obviously). It's actually two words over, but two words isn't that bad to be over, right? This really isn't the best I can do, but I wanted to try.

Title: untitled
Genre: angst...sort of
Rating: G
Notes: Yay for self-inspired stuff...

Moonlight glistened dully upon her plain brown hair as a small breeze stirred the air around her.
Her hair remained in one place for the most part. Such was the effect of hair gel, especially hair gel that had been in her hair for an entire day. She sat there, on the edge of the rickety dock, gazing off into the sparkling surface of the lake. Behind her she could hear children playing further up in the park, she masterfully tuned their joyous laughs out. That was something she didn't really have anymore, and would never have again. Those innocent child hood days, where there was nothing to care about, were lost forever. Not that her childhood days were filled with friends anyway. Yes, now she did have those friends.
Yet, life threatened to close in upon her every waking moment. She wasn't pretty on the lines society describes such a thing. Overweight with a slight acne problem, attributed to genes the both of them, doesn't make someone pretty. So she was here, in this park by the lake, by herself, gazing into an image of serenity. Distant headlights only broke the image further southwest down the lake. This image of beauty no longer stirred any feelings within her heart; she was numb to most emotions these days. Any joy that might have been in her when she was the age of those in the park behind her had vanished once elementary school had ended. Now she was stuck wondering why people hated her, why overweight people such as herself couldn't find happiness. The self-pity of it all disgusted her, adding to another of the negative emotions that seemed to be all she felt anymore.
Standing carefully on the old planks of the pier, she turned to leave. Frozen for a moment, she turned her gaze to the barely risen moon that had long since started bathing everything in its glow. The children left, cloaking silence over the area. She remained there, turned at that odd angle. Tears had welled up in her eyes as her thoughts continued on the dark lines oh so characteristic to her. Wiping at the tears, she abandoned the half-turned position, striding to the edge of the dock. Below her feet, the muddy water splashed with it's current.
A sign proclaimed that swimming wasn't allowed in this area. It was disregarded as she made the decision. Pacing back a bit, she let her hair down. The gel caused it to move stiffly, curling up in a few places, yet still moving as one, matted mess. She made a run for the end of the pier and leapt off the edge. Cold water closed over her, washing away the stress, the horrible feeling of the world eating away at her consciousness fading momentarily. Surfacing, she sucked in the warm air of the autumn night, eye liner running in black streaks from the bottoms of her eyes.
For the first time in what seemed forever, she smiled for real.
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