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For Jess

Javid. Drunk Jack. *huggles Jess* Cheer up, darling. I adore you.

David was frustrated. Honestly, of all the boys he could possibly have been dating, he had to choose the one who should probably be going to AA meetings. This was the third Friday in a row where he had gone on a date with his boyfriend and spent his time sitting in a corner, watching Jack down shot after shot. It was boring. And Jack could act like a total asshole when he was drunk. Other times, he was sweet and adorable and everything that David could ask for, but when he was drunk, there was no telling how Jack would act.

It was strange how he could love someone so much yet hate one aspect of them.

Jack sauntered over to David, and leaned over to give him a wet, sloppy kiss. Not one of the loving and tender kisses that David liked so much. This was practically like having a dog slobber all over his face, and David didn’t like it one bit. Plus, Jack’s breath smelled of alcohol, a smell that David could barely tolerate.

“Hey Davey,” Jack smiled. “Having fun yet?” Jack’s hands were wandering downward, trying to grope at David in public, something else that David hated.

“Not really, can we leave now?”

Jack looked disappointed, but he agreed, and the two left the party. Jack slung an arm around David’s shoulder. “I love you, Davey,” he said cheerfully. “I know I’m a jackass, but I’m drunk, and I just want you to know that I love you. And I’m drunk, so you have to believe me.”

He kissed David again, and this time it was the sweet kiss that David loved so much. David practically melted. Sometimes, his boyfriend really was adorable.
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