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Ha. Just like I predicted, once I got past the @#$^&!!!1 opening scene, the chapter began to flow nicely. Almost 800 words tonight (in, like, an eighth of the time), and I'm not posting it all 'cause, yeah, it's going to go up as a chapter eventually, but this short exchange amused me greatly.

"Now, where would we find your sister?" Mayer asked, after they were done saying hello.
"Uh... Riding?" David guessed.
"Yeah!" Les agreed enthusiastically. "And if we go to riding, you can meet Cowboy! He's my councilor, he's real great."
And David even managed not to wince.
"So do you go to riding often?" Esther asked Les.
"Yup, I got a lesson everyday. Cowboy doesn't teach me riding, though, Morris does, but I like it when he's gone for the day because then Rebel does riding with us, and she isn't so bad, for a girl, but I still like Cowboy best."
Esther glanced at David, who rolled his eyes slightly, but he was used to Les's enthusiasm by now.
"And you, David? Do you go to riding?"
"Uh... No?"
"Davey went to the stable and tried to pet a horse but he was a wimp and fell down and now everyone calls him Mouth," Les interrupted, and David wasn't sure if he'd rather have his parents know about that or scold him for his fear of horses. Though at least Les was fairly cryptic, if unintentionally.
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