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carnival blush fluff, for B

Really, if Blink had bothered to think about it, he wouldn’t have agreed to take his boyfriend to the annual St. Pius carnival anyway. Rationally, he knew how much that carnival sucked. In fact, he could pinpoint the exact moment in his fifteenth year of life when he’d realized how absolutely horrible the carnival was. Of course, it was held every year, and anyone who was anyone bothered to make a brief appearance to listen to the local bands and make fun of all the middle-school brats who thought that they were so cool for strutting around unsupervised.
Yet, Mush had wanted to go, and Blink was willing to indulge his boyfriend as far as showing up. And the hint of a reward to come that night only served to make him stop grumbling over the stupidity of the whole affair.
But Blink hadn’t expected to be at the carnival for hours. He’d been dragged onto the swings twice, the funhouse once, and spent an outrageous amount of money on funnel cakes. Blink glanced wistfully over at the makeshift casino, where he was pretty sure he’d seen Racetrack Higgins disappear to at the beginning of the night, but he knew that there was no way he’d be allowed to leave Mush to go gamble. Not that he would ever consider leaving Mush. He just… didn’t want to be at the carnival.
Besides, if he did end up at the casino he’d lose all of his money to Racetrack. Again. One of these days he would catch Racetrack cheating, but this wouldn’t be that day.
Really, this wasn’t so bad. He was enjoying his time wandering around with Mush, the hand holding on the swings, the stolen kisses in line, and the full scale make out session while they were in the makeshift ferris wheel. Still, while it was cute and enjoyable, Blink was looking forward to getting home and having some more… adult entertainment.
Instead, he allowed Mush to drag him off to game alley. Blink didn’t know why his boyfriend was so enthusiastic about these games. They were made to be impossible to win, yet Mush seemed eager to win one of the stuffed bears that hung tantalizingly on the side of each booth.
Blink obligingly filled his role of good doting boyfriend by doling out the cash so that Mush could try to win one of the bears, and inwardly grumbled about the price. For the amount of money that they were charging he could just buy Mush the bear. Still, he handed over a five dollar bill to the guy behind the counter, recognizing him from his algebra class the year before.
“One please,” Mush said smiling. The seller obligingly placed three wooden balls on the counter. Blink waited for Mush to pick them up and try to win, but Mush didn’t make a move.
“Blinky,” Mush said finally. “Aren’t you going to win the bear for me?”
Blink smiled. Mush was very lucky that he found his pout utterly adorable. He picked up the first ball, and hurled it at the tower of bottles. It missed.
“Come on Blink,” Mush cheered. “You can do it!”
Blink smiled at the encouragement he was getting from his boyfriend, and tried for a second time. This time, he hit the bottles, but they only wobbled a bit, and stayed upright.
“Last chance,” the vendor smirked.
Blink looked at the hopeful expression on his boyfriends place and hurled the ball as hard as he could at the tower, and the bottles obligingly collapsed.
Mush cheered, and wrapped his arms around Blink, pulling him down for a long thorough kiss.
Which totally made the entire night worth it.
Eventually they remembered to come up for air long enough for Mush to claim his prize. And armed with the stuffed bear, Mush had had enough of the carnival, and the two left, arm in arm for home.

P.S.-Stay tuned for an excerpt of TMAIA, aka the fantasy fic o' doom that Gothica and I have been working on for months
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