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Yeah, this chapter does not want to be written. Here's the opening 500. Approximately. (And by "approximately" I mean "just under" but... it's close.)

David couldn't help but think the whole camp was reflecting Race's mood. Which, he mused, seemed oddly appropriate, since Racetrack seemed to be so much a part of the camp. But it was undeniable; despite the joyous shrieks of the younger campers, it seemed like all of the seniors were feeling particularly mellow.
Racetrack seemed to still be in recover from his family; it didn't help that a handful of brothers—David didn't bother to pretend he knew which ones—had decided to stick around for a few days. The sheer number of noogies and amount of loving abuse he took was astonishing; almost as astonishing as how it seemed to affect him. David would have expected Race to laugh it off, but the longer his brothers stayed, the more silent Race became. David just wasn't sure if it was depressed silence or angry silence, or maybe depressed silence that would lead to him snapping at any moment, pissed off.
David glanced around the dining hall, where people were gathered for their usual late-night snack. It definitely seemed more mellow than usual. Blink, rather than joking loudly with anyone who would talk to him, was sitting off at a table silently, clutching but not drinking a cup of cocoa. Blink not talking was kind of shocking. Almost as shocking as Smurf not talking.
She wasn't, though. Smurf was sitting out on the porch, alone. David knew that meant something was going on, because Smuf was never alone. She and Trixie were practically joined at the hip…
But Trixie was sitting inside, at the same table as Mush, but not even jumping on him. Which was the Trixie equivilent of serious depression. But at least Mush seemed to be doing okay; he was using his freedom from Trixie's stalking to actually relax, drink a cup of cocoa and munch on cookies. Usually, he had to flee the dining hall too quickly.
There was some muted conversation from other seniors, but it all seemed subdued.
David went back to the notebook in front of him, and idly stirred his coffee. He picked up his pen and scrawled Dear Mom and Dad, before dropping it again and taking a sip of coffee. Writing to his parents seemed kind of pointless… After all, they were coming for parents' weekend the next day. To see the camp, see their children, watch Les in Oliver! and take Sarah home.
David was kind of even looking forward to seeing them. Except… They'd be at camp. They'd meet all of his friends. They'd meet Jack. And there was absolutely no way they'd do anything like embarrass him. Because they definitely had never accidentally humiliated him in front of his friends, classmates or crushes before.
He stirred his coffee and found himself suddenly full of apprehension.
Yeah, his parents visiting and meeting Jack. Absolutely no way that could go wrong.
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